Top Eight… Elections in movies

Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis are currently cashing in on the upcoming US presidential election with The Campaign in cinemas, and we Rosses aren’t above selling out a little either. So with the battle between Obama and Romney in mind, here are the best vote-offs in movie history.

8. The Ides Of March (2011)

Ryan Gosling goes from spinning tyres in Drive to spinning political webs for George Clooney’s presidential hopeful. Has there been a more attractive political duo?

7. Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Who wouldn’t cast their vote for a man who promised to make all your dreams come true? Vote Pedro.

6. The Distinguished Gentleman (1992)

Eddie Murphy plays a con man. Where should a con man go? Aha! Into politics! This might be ironic if it wasn’t such a lame premise. Mildly amusing movie, though.

5. Bulworth (1998)

While the prospect of Warren Beatty trying to rap and Halle Berry sucking on a lollipop doesn’t exactly sound like political cinematic gold, it cannot be denied that Bulworth is an entertaining yarn. Just how many White House staffers has Oliver Platt played over the years?

4. Bob Roberts (1992)

Bulworth stole a lot from Bob Roberts, right down to the rapping, but it couldn’t quite surpass Tim Robbins’ fun satirical ride through the US election system. Look out for a young – and creepy – Jack Black in the clip below.

3. The Candidate (1972)

Before he brought down a world leader a few years later in All The President’s Men, Robert Redford had a bash as a politican himself. And like all movie politicians, he gives some honest answers. Hollywood, eh? A politician giving an honest answer? You couldn’t make that up.

2. Brewster’s Millions (1985)

Vote for none of the above. Best. Campaign. Slogan. Ever. Yes, even better than New Labour, New Danger.

1. Election (1999)

The best movie about an election isn’t even about an election involving politicians. Instead, we are in school, where Reese Witherspoon takes on that guy from American Pie to be class president. A landslide victory for movie lovers.



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  2. ahaah Election makes me smile.

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