Top Five… Most Memorable Hotels In The Movies

This week sees the release of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, starring Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and Maggie Smith. But what are the best hotels in cinema? Ross McG checks into the best and worst on offer.


Establishment: The Fairmount

Stayed in during: The Rock (1996)

Features: Beautiful view of downtown San Francisco. And if you’re lucky enough to have a suite at the top of the building, you can even have a hairdresser come in and give you a quick cut. The priciest rooms really are large – you can fit a number of federal agents in there, along with a buffet to distract them with.

Check-out time: As early as you can. Particularly if you’ve left a sneaky US government official dangling from the roof.

Rating: Five stars. Upon departure staff will even be happy to provide you quick access to a range of vehicles that will allow you to blatantly rip off any number of San Francisco-based movie chase sequences.


Establishment: The Plaza

Stayed in during: Brewster’s Millions (1985)

Features: If you have $1million lying around, why not book the top two floors for a month? That way you will be sure of a relaxed stay. They’ll even let you redecorate the place. Great location to base yourself if you do happen to run for mayor of New York.

Check-out time: End of the month. When you’ve run out of money and are wearing the same clothes you came in with.

Rating: Four stars. Nice place, but you won’t have a penny when you leave.


Establishment: Hotel Eagle

Stayed in during: No Country For Old Men (2007)

Features: Very little, but what do you want for $26 a night? What you will get here is discretion. If you don’t want the staff to ask any questions about what you’re doing, just slip them a $100 bill. Rooms are basic, however, with a noticeable draft under the door. Although ideal for spotting the footsteps of potential psychotic murderers outside your door, it does let a bit of a chill in.

Check-out time: No need to wait til morning at the Eagle. Simply make your way out the window in the middle of the night. You’ve already paid up, after all.

Rating: Two stars. Not the most luxurious, but it’s comfortable. Watch out for those faulty doorknobs though.


Establishment: The Overlook

Stayed in during: The Shining (1980)

Features: Where do you start? Huge ballroom, sweeping corridors… there’s even a maze. Brilliant for kids. Some guests have complained that it can get a little isolated – a summer stay is perhaps advisable – but just make sure you have a good book to get through and you should be okay. Anyway, there’s always something entertaining around the next hall corner. If you do have children, best not let them dress up in the hotel’s bear costume, mind. Tricycles are permitted, however.

Check-out time: Depends on how much of a hurry you are to leave, but wait til the snow goes away first.

Rating: Four stars. Spacious and quirky. Unfortunately, it loses marks for those red stains on the carpet by the lifts.


Establishment: Bates Motel

Stayed in during: Pyscho (1960)

Features: Good parking. And uh, that’s about it. Yet what this hotel lacks in mod cons it makes up for in character. Prepared to be charmed by the owner’s (or owners’?) taste in taxidermy. No visit is complete without dipping a tenatative toe in the nearby swamp. And if the old lady in the window of the house overlooking the motel rooms fails to wave back at you, don’t take it personally: she is known to be painfully shy. Her son, however, is a different proposition, willing and ready to shower you with a warm welcome. Some guests have complained about there being no locks in the bathroom. And the nagging feeling they’re being watched.

Check-out time: Better make it early. No need to wash, just get on the road.

Rating: One star. If you do have $40,000 in cash on you, stay somewhere more upmarket.



5 Responses to “Top Five… Most Memorable Hotels In The Movies”

  1. Nice blog topic gents. A nice edition to your list would be the Hotel Del Coronado it was in Some Like it Hot and My Blue Heaven. Its also a pretty sweet hotel.

  2. lordianoitall Says:

    The Hotel Earle from Barton Fnk?

  3. “shower you with a warm welcome”!!! Top stuff Ross, I think I will stay with Brewster and his millions.

  4. Shark Skin Boy and Peach Hip Girl rocks the hotel locale pretty good.

  5. Oh, what was that Memphis flophouse that the Japanese couple stayed in in “Mystery Train”? I can’t remember if it even had a name. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was the night clerk, hard to beat that

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