Top Five… Brendan Gleeson moments

moody-borderWe love Brendan Gleeson here at RVR. He’s made many a good movie great and many a crap movie good (we even forgive him for Mission: Impossible II). If only the big Dubliner could be in every movie… like his buddy Brian Cox.

Warning: Brendan Gleeson likes to swear

5. ‘Tonight, I’ll drink to your bones!’ – Troy

If there was one actor you could pick to beat the crap out of Orlando Bloom it would be Gleeson. This clip gets extra points because Brian Cox is in it.

4. ‘Technically, it’s a ferret’ – Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

A lot of the adult performers in the Harry Potter movies just go through the motions, but not The Gleester. He was a teacher before he became an actor and it shows here, as he makes a lesson out of Malfoy by turning him into an animal. If only all teachers were this fun.

3. ‘What if he knew karate, say?’ – In Bruges

Gleeson’s hitman Ken is a wonderful creation – a scary killer made human by a great performance. It’s also an unselfish one: watch how he allows Colin Farrell to shine here:

Gleeson’s great In Bruges clip

2. ‘This is showbiz, kid’ – Breakfast On Pluto

Neil Jordan’s film is a hit-and-miss affair, but it gives the world the chance to see Gleeson dressed up as Uncle Bulgaria from The Wombles. Priceless.

1. ‘You tubby little no-dick lying little ****er!’ – I Went Down

This is just pure joy. Gleeson is fantastic as a hardman in Paddy Breathnach’s hidden gem of an Irish road movie. Certainly the coolest character called Bunny ever. Yes, even cooler than Bugs.

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4 Responses to “Top Five… Brendan Gleeson moments”

  1. Justin Michaels Says:

    Gleeson is a legend – cant believe you dont have him beating up Mel Gibson in Braveheart

  2. Any moment in ‘In Bruges’ where he is involved, especially the end… too beautiful.

    I can’t believe nobody thought up ‘Gangs of New York’, though he was outshone by Londoner Day-Lewis.

  3. Good shout Jinz – great scene where he’s collecting the money he’s owed from Neeson’s corpse. But as you rightly point out, eclipsed by what is, IMHO, one of the the greatest acting performances of all time.
    Watched another Gleeson great again the other night – The Snapper. Cannot believe how young (and slim!) he looks.

  4. Saw The Guard over Christmas and he’s brilliant in that too.

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