‘You are treading on dangerous ground by asking personal questions’ – the Boba Fett interview

Boba Fett is the most feared and revered bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. He is the son of Jango Fett – the man who was cloned to create the Grand Army of the Republic, subsequently the Imperial Stormtroopers – and famously captured the elusive Han Solo. Since the man who played him, Jeremy Bulloch, is undoubtedly sick of the same ‘So how crazy are Star Wars fans?’ questions, he agreed to don the Mandalorian mantle and get into character to face Ross McD’s interrogation…

RossvRoss: Your dad Jango Fett was decapitated right in front of you by Mace Windu – how did that make you feel about the Jedi?
Boba Fett: Their days are numbered.

RvR: You are the son of the clone template – every Clone Trooper was the spitting image of your dad. Did that ever confuse you as a child?
BF: Boba Fett is never confused. He is a super clone

RvR: Your Mandalorian armour is pretty cool, is it comfortable?
BF: No it is the most uncomfortable costume to wear. You need months to get used to it.

RvR: It must be a nightmare going through airport security with all those hidden weapons?
BF: I am Boba Fett. I can walk through any security.

RvR: You are pretty much the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy. How do you go about creating such a reputation?
BF: Just by being cool and rude

RvR: You wear Wookie scalps on your shoulder – do animal rights activists ever give you a hard time?
BF: Nobody in the galaxy gives me a hard time, if they do it is the end for them.

RvR: Who’s a better employer – Darth Vader or Jabba the Hutt?
BF: As long as they pay the bounty I don’t care.

'Bespin's lovely at this time of year, isn't it?'

RvR: How much of a pain in the arse was Han Solo?
BF: Captain Solo does his own thing and he never bothers me.

RvR: Han Solo used to boast about kicking your ass – surely he just got lucky?
BF: He always tells lies, he is scared of me

RvR: How much was the bounty on him anyway (in euros)? Did you get a bonus for capturing Chewbacca as well?
BF: That is my business and you are treading on dangerous ground by asking personal questions.

RvR: You became the first person to survive the Sarlaac Pit when it threw you up because it couldn’t digest you in your amour. What was that experience like?
BF: The Sarlaac pit is a good resting place with plenty of restaurants, bars and motels.They serve a good pint of Guinness

RvR: Fuel is expensive nowadays, is your ship the Slave I expensive to run? Ever think of downsizing to a smaller more economic model?
BF: I only have to look at the man serving me fuel and I get it for free. I will never downsize because I am Boba Fett

RvR: You used to live on the cloner planet Kamino, which is almost entirely covered in ocean and where it rains almost every second of the year. How does this compare to the weather in Ireland?
BF: Exactly the same.

RvR: Although it’s pronounced ‘bow-ba’, some people insist on calling you ‘Bobba’ Fett – does this annoy you?
BF: Yes it does and you annoy me for bringing it to my notice.

RvR: You nearly killed Obi-Wan Kenobi when you were just ten years old as he and your dad were scrapping – do you ever think how different a place the galaxy would be if you had succeeded?
BF: I would be ruler of all the Galaxies

RvR: The Rebel Alliance: freedom fighters or terrorists?
BF: Terrorists

RvR: If you had to spent a day with just one Jedi/Ally, who would it be?
BF: Myself. I don’t like anyone’s company

'Something is jammed in the barrel – can you have a look down it for me? Kthxbai'

RvR: Which of your bounty hunter mates do you dislike most?
BF: Dengar as he wears silly bandages hoping people think he is injured.

RvR: When you’re on the Death Star, what room do you stay in?
BF: I sleep in Slave 1.

RvR: Ever thought of going into the refrigeration business?
BF: You would be my first and last customer.

RvR: What is your advice to schoolkids?
BF: Read the Boba Fett manual and learn how to be like me.

RvR: Have you ever been attacked by an animal?
BF: Only Chewbacca but I won the fight so easily.

RvR: How come we never see you hanging out with any ladies? Are you seeing anyone?
BF: As I mention before you are getting too personal with me.You have crossed the line and now you become my bounty. Where do you live?

Click HERE to read this interview in Metro Herald


4 Responses to “‘You are treading on dangerous ground by asking personal questions’ – the Boba Fett interview”

  1. That was friggin’ classic!

  2. I knew you guys had friends in high places, but THE FETT?! You asked him questions and sruvived. Infinite respect.

  3. Awesome interview. Although I am surprised you made it out alive.

  4. I never understood how Fett stood out so completely. The entire original trilogy is populated with badass characters, some of whom have relatively few lines, and some who look incredibly alien. And yet Fett, with a relatively simple design, immediately seems infinitely cooler and more hardcore. It wasn’t as if he was the only strange or interesting character, and yet he’s one of the most beloved. I could never figure out why.

    It’s the jetpack. Got to be the jetpack.

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