Top Five Movie Cars To Take For A Spin

Bored with your motor vehicle? Tired of having to pay for parking? Sick of clampers? Then check out these movie motors in this list from Ross McD. It’s the car… chicks love the car…

5. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (Die Another Day, 2002)

Pros: Scratches don’t really matter; Can sneak through tolls

Cons: Easy to lose in car parks; Cyclists will claim you ‘came out of nowhere’

There’s been 23 Bond films, and 23 with 23 viable options for this list. Like his women, James prefers his cars fast, flashy, with plenty of bits to fiddle with, and easily dumped in time for the next instalment. While ejector seats, headlight rockets, flipping number plates and bulletproof glass are all very impressive, they wouldn’t be much use for driving around in. Invisibility was undoubtedly Q’s most ostentatious extra, but with a roaring 5.9litre engine, we’re still not sure how much sneaking up you’d be able to do in it.

4. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Pros: You can point and laugh at traffic

Cons: Kids at school will call it sh*tty sh*tty bang Banger

Bond writer Ian Fleming must have had a small willy – he couldn’t write a book that didn’t have a flash car in it. Previously known as the ‘Paragon Panther’ in Fleming’s novel, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – named after the dodgy noise it made when you start it up – could not only double up as a hovercraft, but triple up as a rather un-aerodynamic looking aeroplane. Can cross rivers, soar above gridlock – just don’t drive the noisy thing through a residential area late at night.

3. Chevrolet Camaro (Transformers, 2007)

Pros: Turns into a robot; Megan Fox will let you take her for a ride

Cons: Would be cooler if it was a Decepticon; Megan Fox is a bit of a head wrecker these days

To be honest, we thought Bumblebee sold out a little when he snubbed his classic Volkswagen Beetle look for the Chevy Camaro in the film. Actually, the Autobot must be one of the most insecure Cybertronians out there, hurriedly changing from a 1977 version to a shiny new one just because Shia Labeouf was giving him a bit of stick. Not exactly a strong role model for young cars watching. Nevertheless, if your car could transform into a 15 foot tall robot and throw the next taxi driver to cut you off into a river, that would be pretty cool.

2. DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future, 1985)

Pros: You can nip back to when petrol was less than £1 per litre

Cons: Driving faster than 88mph on the motorway can take you a bit out of your way

Never mind the time travelling, the DeLorean is one cool car on its own. Gullwing doors, stainless steel finish, 2.9litre engine – it is simply the best thing to come out of Northern Ireland since Ross McG. Stick in a flux capacitor and you have yourself a timeless classic – literally. Problem is, the speed limit on most roads is 70mph, so if you do go time travelling you might get penalty points for speeding when you get back. If truth be told, we reckon the Jules Verne Train from BTTF 3 was even cooler again.

1. Batmobile (Batman, 1989)

Pros: Scumbags can’t get in with a screwdriver; hubcap bombs for clampers

Cons: Not great for picking up passengers; isn’t that a giant nipple on the front?

Like Bond, Batman’s garage is full of contenders for this list. Adam West’s 1960’s red-trimmed roadster, Christian Bale’s rough and ready Tumbler. George Clooney’s, erm, big floppy thing. But nothing quite captured the imagination like Michael Keaton’s sleek black beauty in Tim Burton’s 1989 masterpiece: machine guns behind the fenders; oil slicks; smoke emitters; a grappling hook for taking sharp corners and that sexy cocoon mode when parking in dodgy areas. But the best feature? Those delicious hubcab bombs that drop off and explode whenever someone tries to chain a big stupid yellow brace to your wheel.



6 Responses to “Top Five Movie Cars To Take For A Spin”

  1. mcguinnr Says:

    Although not a single car, who can honestly say they didn’t want one of those pedal powered jobs in Bugsy Malone when they first saw it? This list could run and run…

  2. mcguinnr Says:

    …and run some more. Dammit, McD – been thinkin about this all day (beats work). Cool that 1 of the 5 is supposed to have a personality and in that vein, what about Christine. Pros – anyone scratching the paint meets a messy death. Cons – same thing happens to everyone else.

  3. cant believe McD that you did this list and didnt have Michael Crawford’s super yellow car from Condorman. Well, I can believe it, but it still makes me very angry.
    here it is in action –

    @mcguinnr… good shout on Bugsy Malone, so you wanna be a boxer?

  4. …if I could have one of those cars with the gadgets or ability to fly, I’m in. But the best has to be Back To The Future’s time-travelling Delorean. Of course you might get pulled over by the police just before you hit 88mph and banned from driving for 2 years thus negating its time travel possibilities but it’s a risk worth taking in my opinion.

  5. mcguinnr Says:

    Love how the wind machine was forgotten about for the close-ups in that Condorman clip, McG. My father-in-law worked in the DeLorean factory, and he says the time travel thing is more plausible than getting one to do 88mph…. Still the greatest movie car, tho.

  6. The Ford Pinto in ‘The Losers’

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