Poetry in Motion Pictures: Batman Begins

With Warner Bros talking this week about making ‘Batman Begins… Again’ in the form of the much mooted Justice League movie, where better to turn for some poetic cinematic justice than Christopher Nolan’s original Gotham City tale. Ross McG promises not to rhyme ‘bat’ with ‘cat’ in the poem below…

Batman Begins……… By Ross McG

Flashback. Childhood memories,
Falling into space. To
Present wanderings, a drifter
Forgetting his famous face.
Filled with anger, fear and dread,
Bats frighten me, Alfred.

He learns the wily ways
From Neeson’s goatee.
He falls through ice and uses fire
His training over, he must now flee.
Gotham beckons, its citizens dying or dead,
Bats frighten me, Alfred.

His foes soon share his fear,
He vows to blacken their night,
But some dude with a sack on his head
Won’t go down without a fight.
Fear, fear, fear is all anyone has said,
Bats frighten me, Alfred.

The bad guys poison the water
Looks like Batman’s going to fail,
Until he sinks a knee in Neeson’s goatee,
In a lame ending on a monorail.
Still time for a theatrical taste, the epilogue’s the good bit
Bats frighten me, Alfred, but I’ll look into it…



One Response to “Poetry in Motion Pictures: Batman Begins”

  1. raitostory Says:

    For myself, i wouldn’t mind watching it since i never actually got through the movie properly, but quite frankly i think it’s a dumb move. Why not progress with the story? There’s nothing new or exciting they can bring to the table, and for all the gods sake they had better not be planning to improve it by adding better CG.
    Skyline said it all: Awesome movie a computer does not make.

    Like the poem though

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