DVD RvReview: Bambi

Find out what Ross McG thought of the recently restored Disney classic on DVD/Blu-ray after the jump.

Bambi (five stars)

Disney, U, £19.99

They don’t make them like this any more. Which is a real pity, because Bambi is dripping in an innocence and sense of wonder that has become refreshing once again amid the current tormenting sea of wisecracking, pop culture-referencing, talking animal cartoon characters. Digitally restored for this Diamond Edition release, the film looks better than ever – rain sliding off trees, leaves blowing through branches – it’s all still absolutely beautiful. Almost 70 years on from its original release, Bambi retains its magic because it manages to be uplifting, tear-jerking and terrifying all at the same time. Its more harrowing scenes are as frightening as anything in Watership Down and are all the more powerful for what is left unseen. ‘Man was in the forest’ remains one of the most ominous pieces of dialogue in film history. But Bambi is ultimately brilliant because like its most memorable character, perpetually happy bunny Thumper, it has buckets of heart. It’s a film about growing up, finding friends and enduring pain – everything then that all the great Disney classics are based on.

This review first appeared in the Metro newspaper


5 Responses to “DVD RvReview: Bambi”

  1. I never liked Bambi. And not because his Mum dies, I just thought it was kind of dull. I think I’ve only seen it once or twice, and I’d probably appreciate teh quality of the animation more now, but as a story it really didn’t do anything for me.

    Seems like we’ve all got disney on the brain at the moment haven’t we? 😉

  2. Bambi, dull?! Deer is born… deer inherits legacy… deers skates on ice… deer fights other deer… deer runs from man…. deer’s mother killed by man…. deer flees fire… deer passes on legacy to newborn deer.
    its jamp packed full of action! its basically the Lion King 50 years before the Lion King came out.
    when i was younger i always thought Bambi was dull too, but watching it again it blew my mind. check it out Katie

  3. Hmmm…still not feeling thrilled…and I’d be careful comparing it to The Lion King, but maybe I just need to see it again. If/when I get round to it I’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. the whole Circle of Life thing is done – and done a lot more subtly – in Bambi. its a beautiful film

  5. It’s so cool that you’ve just finally seen this for the first time. Did you see my post recently where I posted a clip of Thumper? He’s sooo cute! This is one of my fave Disney classics… oh man, the death of his mom packs an emotional punch, I still cry watching the clip… I don’t know how anyone can call that dull! I guess I identify w/ Bambi as I lost my mother at a young age. You’re right McG… this one definitely has buckets of hearts. Lovely review!

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