Raging Bull v Million Dollar Baby

Fancy an Oscar nom? Make a boxing film. Rocky, When We Were Kings, The Hurricane, Cinderella Man; Hollywood loves a good punch-up. With the release of Oscar shoo-in The Fighter this week, the Rosses accompany two heavyweights to the ring. Click HERE or on the pic above to choose your corner. MAKE SURE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE IN THE BOX BELOW THE BATTLE! Ding Ding!


3 Responses to “Raging Bull v Million Dollar Baby”

  1. Shouldn’t even be a competition. Raging Bull all the way! De Niro is perfect in this role, and certain scenes here I’ll just always remember for the rest of my life, in a good way of course.

  2. im with you Dan. the Baby would not be able to grab the Bull by the horns. or something.

  3. Million Dollar Baby for me, but I am female and it is my favorite ever film. So yes I am rather biased.

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