Top Five… Movie Buses

Movie buses aren’t like real buses at all. While you wait ages for a normal bus to arrive and then two come at once, great cinematic buses pull into your stop about once every decade. When they do arrive, however, they are always worth getting on. Click HERE or the picture above of a certain iconic cop waiting on the bus to read this post Ross McG has done for the good guys at the UK’s biggest movie blog, So get over there if you can and comment and have a good delve round their site, it’s ace.


5 Responses to “Top Five… Movie Buses”

  1. Well, I expected Speed to be up there. My favourite movie bus is the one with all those babes on it that stops for Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. You know the one they send on its way even though all those beauties need oiling up. That’s my favourite movie bus.

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  3. Pretty good list. The inclusion of Speed is predictable, though, and it’s not the bus I’d be willing to ride anytime. Better to ride a donkey in the streets of LA.

  4. Speed was the only one I could think of before I clicked on the link. After reading the comments, I am definitely going to have to agree with Dan and say the Dumb and Dumber bus is quite a memorable one. I remember there being a bus in Children of Men, not really memorable though.

  5. Love HeyUGuys, and more so now that you’re a contributor! Glad you didn’t forget Speed, the only memorable movie bus for me anyways. I’d probably include Forrest Gump and even Superman I when Supes saves the school bus on the bridge.

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