Indiana Jones battle: Temple of Doom v Last Crusade

It’s the big screen’s greatest adventure hero. But which of these two of his adventures is worth wrestling with snakes for? Click HERE or the pic above to read the arguments from the Rosses.


7 Responses to “Indiana Jones battle: Temple of Doom v Last Crusade”

  1. Temple of Doom has some of the best Indiana Jones sequences of the series but as a film it isn’t a patch on Last Crusade.

  2. I don’t even need to read the argument… Last Crusade all the way! Connery + Ford = magic.

  3. ‘i dont even need to read the argument’.. those are the words of a poor soul who’s been on this website before, RTM

  4. humph…. you fear my powers of persuasion, McG

  5. McD.. I’m not sure id fear you even if you had red paint on ur head and were in the process of pulling out my heart

  6. Like you have one. Never cared for Kano, more of a Scorpion man myself. Toastie!

  7. ‘Fraid I dont have one captain..’
    yep, im definitey the M Bison to your Zangief.
    Toastie lols though. –

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