Con Air v Under Siege

border-con-siegeCage’s mullet versus Seagal’s ponytail. And THEN it gets personal. Click HERE or the pic above to read this battle at Metro Film Fight Club.


7 Responses to “Con Air v Under Siege”

  1. I’m with McG – it’s Under Siege for me! *Made myself chuckle at that little ryhme.

    I think I like the ship setting more than the plane although Con Air does have a great premise. Cage is the better actor but Seagal is all martial artsy and you believe he could really kick some serious butt.

  2. mcguinnr Says:

    Naw – McD has the edge! Sure, the Con Air ending feels tacked on but the sheer cheese of the obvious cash-in country-mawk theme tune actually adds to the whole Bruckheimer sensory overload. Also Colm “azz kikr” Meany’s finest hour. Besides, I know which one had me spending more time grinning like an idiot.

    Plus, Con Air contains the legendary Danny Trejo – who may play a violent sex offender but in the end turms out to be relatively ‘armless (boom, and indeed boom).

  3. Con Air any day, it’s nowhere near as good as Face Off but much better than Under Siege. At least, Cage can convey more than one emotion and the plot is a little bit more diverse.

  4. I’m with Castor, Con Air all the way! As bad as Cage is, I could stomach him far more than Steven Seagal, he really shouldn’t be called an actor just ’cause he’s being filmed on camera! Plus Con Air has Steve Buscemi AND John Malkovich, both are always fun to watch.

  5. Con Air is funny, exciting, and great to watch. It may be a bit corny but it seems like everyone having fun, and there for, so are we.

  6. I knew McG took Under Seige the second I saw the picture. haha
    After some classic match-ups, this one is very lopsided… CON AIR!

  7. Never appreciated Con Air. It’s just a poor man’s The Rock. Whereas Under Siege is a poor man’s Die Hard, but you get the sense that poor man was at least taking notes when watching Bruce Willis jump through windows and such.

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