The Breakfast Club v The Goonies

The jock, the goth, the prom queen, the nerd, the jerk, the mouth, the tech whizz, the fat kid, the hottie, the hottie’s friend, the other jock and the little annoying one with braces. Which 80s gang is your favourite? Read the arguments at Metro Film Fight Club by clicking HERE or the picture above.


20 Responses to “The Breakfast Club v The Goonies”

  1. Breakfast Club by a long shot, if only for Bender. Those Goonies talk too damn fast.

  2. Tough decision. I think it would really depend on my mood.

  3. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    The Hot Beef Injection wins, dudes.


  4. Sad to say I’ve not seen either of these films… within memory anyway. Just never got in to the whole ‘teen movie’ genre until American Pie.

  5. Oh, now that’s a great debate. Totally different movie, plots and casts but still a pretty good match up fellas.

    I don’t think it can get better than The Goonies. Nostalgia or no, Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk, Sloth and One Eyed Willie are far more appealing than kids who actually show up for detention on a Saturday:)

  6. I vote The Breakfast Club. But great debate nonetheless.

  7. Monike O'Reilly Says:

    I believe both films can be compared in some ways, but seeing that they are for different publics, older and younger, it becomes a bit tough to generalise. I am absolutely mad about them!

  8. I would choose…neither! My loyalties will always be with The Famous Five, even if it is a series 😉

  9. The Breakfast Club just has that distinction of being the typical 80’s film. Although, it still is a close battle by far.

  10. The Breakfast Club all the way – simple, influential, defined that period of filmmaking. The Goonies is great fun but there’s too many films like it, so out of the two The Princess, the Jock, the Basket Case, the Criminal, and the Geek get the vote.

  11. The Breakfast Club hands down. It’s way more in depth than The Goonies by a long shot.

  12. The Breakfast Club, is this one even a discussion. I love the Goonies, but it’s just not even comparable.

  13. “Hey, if you like your characters to be complete jerks to everyone then abruptly undergo a miraculous ten-second long turn-around into a nice guy before punching the air to one of Simple Minds’ lamest songs, then be my guest.”
    That’s like exactly what I look for in movies… WTF!!!
    DEAR… GOD… McG… this isn’t even a contest. Breakfast Club all the way!
    Please, I beg you, let me do this Fight Club with you one day… I hope to treat it like an intervention! 🙂

  14. Kaiderman?! Kaiderman?!
    Who the hell is Kaiderman?
    Can he do whatever a Kaider does?
    Come to think of it, I never seen Mr Parker and Kaidey in the same room at the same time…

  15. I believe a Kaider drinks, smokes and writes (usually not that well)… I’m pretty much the most useless superhero ever! 🙂

  16. Ross McG is John Bender, in the same way that Bender has to act like a jerk only to be revealed to be a sensitive but mixed up kid putting on act ………. (you’ve seen the movie you get the idea) Ross has to pick the weaker movie but put up a brave but ultimately futile defence of it. It is therefore somewhat appropriate that firstly that Ross picked Mr Bender to be the butt of his criticism of The Breakfast Club and secondly because he actually picked a decent movie himself this time around in the shape of The Goonies. But is it better than The Breakfast Club? Hell no, The Breakfast Club is the clear winner for me.

    Having said that Judd Nelson had another movie out that year by the name of Fandango that tops both these movies and for those that haven’t seen it Phil Hicks is a million miles away from John Bender.

    Ps Ally Sheedy did look better before the makeover!

  17. hahaha! YEAH! What he said! 🙂

  18. You go Dango!

  19. Fands, Fands, Fands, we’ve been over this a dozen times Fands – I don’t have any weapons of mass destruction, okay?

  20. You think you’ve seen McG pick some weak films? WAIT til you see what he tries to defend tomorrow!
    I’m ashamed to even have the same name as him…..

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