Ross v… Universal Monsters!

Back in the day, monsters didn’t have feelings. They didn’t go to school, or fall in love, or go shopping with their mates. They just killed people, and proper order too. Ross McD and Gordon Hayden from Spin 103.8’s We Love Movies take a look back at the golden age of Universal’s monsters…


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10 Responses to “Ross v… Universal Monsters!”

  1. I’ve been taking a horror film class and we watched a few of the classic Universal films, including The Wolfman. Actually of the old Universal monster movies I’ve seen I liked The Wolfman the most. Dracula became progressively dull and Frankenstein ruined the creature for me with the whole brain bit.

  2. I can’t quite place your accent. What part of the States are you from, McD? šŸ™‚
    Just kidding… great job on the interview. My film knowledge is very thorough back thru the late 60’s… beyond that, I’m sporatic at best. I was impressed with how much you knew about the Golden Horror Cinema!
    My only question is: Wasn’t the Brendan Frazier Mummy franchise the Mummy reboot? I can’t remember if that was Universal or not.
    P.S. RIP Corey Haim!!!

  3. Just back from NY Kai, and after 6 days I have already developed a bit of a New York accent. I pick them up like colds.
    Yeah, your right re the mummy. Gordon kind of caught me off guard with that one, and I was still thinking in black and white, and thinking I thought Ardeth Bey was the scariest (even scarier than Karloff in mummy form). I was brought back to the ninties with a juddering halt when Gordon mentioned Brendan Fraser. Man, he sux. Fraser, not Gordon.

  4. I thought The Mummy with Brendan Fraser was good fun

  5. Yeah, I suppose it was ok, but unscarified what was a scary franchise.
    The Mummy 2 I remember being good fun, part 3 was a right steaming pile of excrement.
    Fraser is a d**k.
    Yes I realise I too am a d**k for going to see em all

  6. if Brendan Fraser ever gets right up in your grill, just inform him of your current working arrangements –

  7. I had to bail out on that clip… did that go on for 10 friggin’ minutes? Geez!
    Missed the part where he even brought Frazer up in the interview. Listened in 2 parts… maybe I missed it. I like the first Mummy very much but, you’re right, it’s an action film with humor intertwined… not a horror throw back.
    Rachel Weisz has never been cuter… YUM!
    And, NY? I was thinking the deep south! šŸ™‚

  8. Oh, and if you haven’t seen this, YOU HAVE TO!!!
    Frazer at the Golden Globes caught laughing awkwardly at DeNiro’s sexual cinema comments to Scorcese… CLASSIC!!! –

  9. lol clap fail.
    He can’t even put his two hands together AND he looks like a burlier Mathew feckin Broderick. What’s not to not like?

  10. Yeah… don’t mean to be mean but it’s like he got momentary Parkinson’s.

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