RvR loves… How-To Batman

If only The Dark Knight was half as much fun as this. In the fourth of our RvR Loves… series we look at the Caped Crusader who helps you through life. Only when a superhero with a deep voice tells you how to order a sandwich or how to dress for an interview do you truly get the message…

How-To Batman

With his deep voice and his love of justice, Batman is the perfect man to help us when we stumble across some of the world’s greatest obstacles. Obstacles such as making a cocktail, feeding goats, hanging a picture and brushing your teeth. Yes, that’s right: there’s no point trying to fight crime without good dental hygiene.

The How-To Batman series is brought to you by the guys at Shark Baby Film and it’s fair to say they have a good sense of humour. Their Batman may be a rather more portly model of the current Caped Crusader brought to the big screen by Christopher Nolan, but what he lacks in agility he makes up for in enthusiasm, know-how and a really deep voice. Even deeper than Christian Bale’s!

Our favourite episode is still the How To Make A Margarita, mainly for the way Batman says ‘IIIICCCCEEE’. He’s obviously still annoyed about Mr Freeze almost ruining his movie career in Batman And Robin.

Watch the video here…

Click on the Shark Baby website to see the rest of the videos in the How-To Batman series.



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3 Responses to “RvR loves… How-To Batman”

  1. Gotta admit, that was a little bizarre. Inspired, but quite bizarre.

  2. Do you think Gabe has reached the legal drinking age in America?

  3. Batman has really let himself go!

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