The Incredible Hulk v X-Men Origins: Wolverine

SMASH!! SNIKT!! These two noisy superheroes are about to lock horns. Click HERE or the image above to read this exclusive battle we’ve done for Metro Film Fight Club.

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4 Responses to “The Incredible Hulk v X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

  1. It’s one of those rare occasions when McG gets it right! I thought X Men had hit rock bottom with The Last Stand but then the earth opened up beneath them giving even further for the franchise to fall with Wolverine. The only good thing about the movie was Liev Schreiber. The Incredible Hulk on the other hand has a far better story and makes a lot more sense. It also has a few needed comedy moments. The “you wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry” subtitles are classic.

  2. Paul the Ball Says:

    Nice ass… Wolverine must work out.

  3. They’re not real…. he’s had work done

  4. Must have been the same guy who does Ben Affleck’s chin. Nah, I jest, he was da bomb in Phantoms.

    I am surprisingly fond of The Incredible Hulk. Neither film is a classic, but at least The Incredible Hulk doesn’t burden itself with trying to be more than what it is.

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