Romeo + Juliet v Titanic

romeo and juliet v titanicClaire Danes and Kate Winslet? The boy’s not done too bad. Although he does end up poisoned and frozen to death for his efforts. Crossing stars and crossing the Atlantic prove to be doomed endeavours for Leo, but en route he gives us two of the greatest love stories the 90s had to offer. But which is better? Click HERE or on the image above to read this battle we’ve done for Metro Film Fight Club.

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7 Responses to “Romeo + Juliet v Titanic”

  1. Going with Romeo + Juliet on this one. I remember seeing an episode of I Love the ’90s segment about this and Ben Stein started going off on it and how it was titled “William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet”, saying something along the lines of “Who the hell do you think it was written by? Like it was going to be called ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Romeo + Juliet'”.

    I think Ben definitely weighs into my decision on this one. And Leo was such a bitch.

  2. Yeah, R + J for me as well basically because it had a good soundtrack.

    Titanic is a three hour long fest of cliche and cack then Kate Winslet thankfully pushes Leo under the water. My favourite bit is people just strolling on deck pointing and watching the boat crash into the iceberg, while dressed for an Edwardian summer.

  3. I’m on the Titanic train. Easy one for me. I had heard some rumour that Kate was actually supposed to play Juliet in the Luhrman film but had to back out to do Branagh’s Hamlet, don’t know how true and not to knock Danes: but wouldn’t that have been awesome?

  4. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    Much as I’d love to fight the tide on this one, it has to be “Romeo+Juliet.” Sure, it’s loopy and surreal and moony (god knows the damn play was; I hated that thing in high school and still do!), but at least it’s a fairly original and inventive take on a classic literary work. Danes and DiCaprio have boatloads of chemistry, which helps tip the scales in their favor for me, and they don’t seem as mismatched as DiCaprio and Winslet did (come on, he still looked like he was 17!) in “Titanic.” Plus, “Titanic” is nothing but one cliche after another. There are so many sometimes I think that’s what sank the boat: the cliches.

    Oh, and Rose WOULD NOT SHARE THAT !@$#! door. What’s up with that?

  5. …and who doesn’t like “Lovefool” by The Cardigans? R + J ftw right there and then.

  6. Difficult one! Watching these at age 12/13 I was madly in love with both of them so its hard to separate them. Now I would probably have to go with Romeo + Juliet. But I don’t agree with Ross McG that Titanic doesn’t have a soul!

  7. I’m going Titanic all day, based on the fact that I was very unimpressed with Rome & Juliet. Even now I can’t really get into it and at the time it was totally focused on my age demographic.

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