Ross v… Bruce Lee!

He may be dead a few decades, but he would probably still kick both the Rosses’ asses at the same time. Ross McD and Gordon Hayden from Spin 103.8’s We Love Movies discuss the martial arts movie legend who remains unchallenged in his genre…



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5 Responses to “Ross v… Bruce Lee!”

  1. aw… I thought from the title of this post that Ross McD was actually gonna fight Bruce Lee. instead I get pithy radio speak.
    man.. i was looking forward to that fight

  2. I was expecting a battle between Ross and the reincarnated avatar of Bruce Lee…sadly it didn’t happen! But the radio chat was a good second best! Great stuff! I especially liked the Bruce Lee clip, I hadn’t heard that before.

  3. Well obviously Ross would win – you know what they say – the pen is mightier than the sword……….

  4. is that Bruce Lee’s ‘mam’ or Ross McD’s ‘mam’?

  5. […] in Hong Kong movies Kong-Cast – cinema, media, and culture from Hong Kong and Abroad Ross V Bruce Lee – radio interview with Ross McD on Spin 103.8 discussing the career of Bruce Lee and east […]

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