Ross v… Video Game Movies!

Great plot: check. Great characters: check. Great music: check. Great enemies: check. Great video game movies:………. hello? It should be a straightforward conversion, but decades on and gamers still await the arrival of a decent film adaptation. What gives? Ross McD and We Love Movies’ Gordon Hayden look over some of the travesties…


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7 Responses to “Ross v… Video Game Movies!”

  1. Uwe Boll is a bad director, but does give me a lot of laughter. Any director that makes me laugh is a good a director to me.

  2. General Griervous Says:

    DOA dead or alive, greatest movie ever, was based in a game… “Do me up” one day I will finally marry Holly Valance!

  3. chriskoenig4324 Says:

    I would have to go with DOA too. As a hot blooded american male you can not go wrong with this movie… or Jaime Pressley…

  4. Yeah, good shout guys, DOA wasn’t bad actually, was good fun, did what it said on the tin.
    Loved the vitals monitor that gave each fighter an energy gauge.
    cmrok, im not sure a director deserves your plaudits if the laughing is unintentional…

  5. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    What about “The Wizard” with Jenny Lewis (a.k.a. lead singer of Rilo Kiley) and Fred Savage? God, that movie takes me back.

    Of course, technically it’s about humans who PLAY video games…

  6. Oh M, what have you done?!
    You can’t mention ANYTHING about Super Marioworld 3 around Ross McG! He’ll wet himself!
    Luckily he’s away at the mo, but when he gets back, brace yourself for some plumber-themed rants!

  7. Ciaran Farrelly Says:

    Fair enough Uwe Ball is someone who should never work in the movie industry again as he is awful but he did direct the movie version of the game POSTAL which is genius, it has everything you want in a movie!! look it up!!

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