The Terminator v Robocop

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Who gives a s**t if they’re kicking the crap out of each other. Like these two heavyweights of robot moviedom are about to do. Read the arguments HERE in an exclusive battle we’ve done for our good buddies at Den Of Geek. Your move, creep…


Terminator: 80 %, Robocop: 20 %


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7 Responses to “The Terminator v Robocop”

  1. I have really enjoyed these battles but never felt the need to comment as I could never possibly do Ross and Ross’s genius any justice. However, I have no choice but air my views on this occasion. I must speak out against the dig made to the Commodore Amiga and will just say that a line has been crossed… mosey on back to your Super Nes McG, Robocop gets my vote.

  2. El Diablo Says:

    You’re right! Why the hell didn’t the machines grow a blob of skin on a Phazed plasma rifle and beam it through time with the Terminator!?!?
    And if a half wit waitress can kill the terminator then Robocop would have no problem taking him out. Go Robo!

  3. General Griervous Says:

    Ouch, McD hit hard &Early, much like Manchester United against Inter yesterday (It was all about T2), all he had 2do, was keep it nice &tight 4d rest of d arguement (Which he did) &it was Game Over!!!

  4. Come on seriously, theirs no contest here. I really liked Robocop but he’s a useless lump of scrap metal compared to the absolutely invincible Terminator. One’s the perfect killing machine, the other is a normal person hiding under a metal suit

    Robocops a good film but the Terminator is raw, relentless and unforgettable piece of film history!

  5. Piaras Kelly Says:

    Terminator purely on the basis that the franchise turned out much better. The Robocop sequels are pants

  6. Ah the great Arnold Schwarzenegger best damn actor for that role if I go to see the new Terminator and Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t in it I’m going to get sick it’s not natural for the Terminator movie not to have Arnold Schwarzenegger so I would say Terminator was a well better movie. Now I’m going to rip it out of RoboCop OK people I think oil was founded well before that movie was made he moved like Batman but Batman was wearing that suit of latex and the armour but still I think it’s stupid that he couldn’t move fast he was a robot for f*** sake that is what a bad idea for a movie is.

  7. Terminator because it’s legendary, but Robocop is the f**kin’ bomb and one of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

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