Ross v… Horror Comedies!

American WerewolfBlack and white;  Hot and cold; Good and evil; Horror and comedy; surely these are antonyms, opposites, things that can never exist together? Then again, there’s always grey, lukewarm and Harvey Dent…

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9 Responses to “Ross v… Horror Comedies!”

  1. So let me get this straight Ross McD, you dont like horror/comedy because you dont like films that mix categories? so you dont like the brilliant American Werewolf In London because that movie warped your fragile little mind?
    sheeesh. i take it you dont like Goodfellas because it has action, drama AND romance in it…
    you do like The Bore Witch Project and Scary Movie though, so I guess that sums you up
    dont rush out and watch Yawn Of The Dead either, its crap. But then Im the only person in the world who thinks so. Simon Pegg… almost as overrated as Ricky ‘untouchable’ Gervais

    on the subject of horror/comedies, i think you make a good point that often you treat these films as horror when youre young and dont see the laughs, but there is no bad thing in that when revisiting them later.
    American Werewolf and The Lost Boys still retain their power to both make me laugh and make me hide behind the cushions.
    Michael Bay making MASK: The Movie… now THAT is scary….

  2. Ooof!

    Because I cannot listen to this at work, I am gonna make my comments on the basis that i haven’t listened to your argument McD – which is the way I like it.

    Don’t all films mix categories, or genres, as i believe the French call it?

    Star Wars is a mixture of fairytale, war, romance as well as sci-fi, Jaws does fear and humour pretty well, am sure there are loads of others.

    So, in conclusion, not having listened to you McD you are wrong.

  3. If you had BOTHERED to listen……hang on, you actually didn’t bother to listen?
    That sentence doest hold as much weight then.
    Anyway, my point was filmmakers can mix genres ad infinitum, I just think horror comedies don’t mix well.
    And since when did Goodfellas feature romance?
    Do you mean the coming together of a skull and a baseball bat?
    Or perhaps you mean this –

  4. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, what I said was I COULDN’T listen to your broadcast, but can’t be BOTHERED to read your reply.

    Think they (horror/comedy) can mix, but they are rarely done well. American Werewolf is a glaring example of how it can be done.

    Something like Shaun of the Dead is funny, but it ain’t scary.

    Wasn’t Nightmare on Elm St funny in the first 15 minutes when the teens are trying to get off with each other, and wasn’t one of them Depp? Haven’t seen it for a long time, so memory might be crap.

  5. If you think the two can’t mix – go rent Black Sheep.

    Then come back here and kiss my boots because I am right and you are wrong.

  6. Paul the Ball Says:

    Ross McD: I think youll find Goodfellas featured ‘romance’ whenever the main character wooed and fell in love with his wife.
    dont think im gonna bother listening to your radio interview after reading that comment
    but ill tell you this much without listening: i am right and you are wrong.

  7. This is a horror for McD, and I’m finding it funny

  8. Cobra Kai Says:

    He’s exposed lads, drill him!!!

    Have head black sheep is good markham, and thought I had recorded it one night off TV3 only to find it was a quite awful Farley/Spade political slapstick…

    Now that’s horror.

  9. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    McD, I’d agree that MOST horror comedies don’t work — I think it takes a very special kind of director (like, say, Sam Raimi) to strike the right balance. I never used to like the genre myself, but “Evil Dead” turned me into a fan.

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