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What if The Goonies had Twitter

Posted in NEWS with tags , on May 21, 2015 by Ross McG


Here’s a piece I did over on this week, exploring what might have had happened if the members of The Goonies had access to smartphones and Twitter when they were hunting One-Eyed Willy’s treasure and fending off the Fratellis.

You can read the post by clicking HERE.

Or you can go directly to the Twitter timeline of the entire plot of The Goonies by clicking HERE.

Big thanks to Sean Astin (Mikey), Jeff Cohen (Chunk) and Corey Feldman (Mouth) who already tweeted links to the article.

It’s the 30th anniversary of The Goonies in a few weeks.


She-Thor: Why Thor was the Avenger who had to change sex

Posted in NEWS with tags , , on August 6, 2014 by Ross McD

 Lady ThorSo they drew names out of a hat, and Thor was the unlucky Avenger that has to undergo a sex change just to appease the girls. Will changing the gender of a superhero really make girls more interested in him/her/it? Comic book fans are comic book fans, they like good characters because they are good characters, not because of their chromosome sets. Also, I’m pretty sure the only reason female non-comic book fans go to see a film like The Avengers is because of Chris Hemsworth. 

Either way, it was bound to be the tall blonde with the big breasts that took the sex change hit for the team; the others simply would not have worked, and here’s why: Continue reading

The Hobbit: What to expect from An Unexpected Journey

Posted in NEWS with tags , , , , , , on December 10, 2012 by Ross McD

The Hobbit

So what is The Hobbit all about? Let hobbit lookalike Ross McD take you on a journey… Continue reading

Disney Star Wars: Episodes VII, VIII and IX

Posted in COMMENT, NEWS with tags , , , , , , , , on November 20, 2012 by Ross McD


Yes, yes, we know E online said the new Star Wars movies would have ‘completely new’ storylines and not be based on anything already written. But you know what? Christopher Nolan said he’d die before he’d cast Robin in a Batman Film. According to the credits if Airplane 2, we were supposed to get an Airplane 3. Heck, even George Lucas said he was making a farm-set porno called Blue Harvest. Filmmakers are liars, you see. Don’t forget it’s their job description to fool audiences! There is a massive expanded Star Wars universe catered for via some excellently written novels, but none come close to the Thrawn Trilogy, written by Timothy Zahn and generally regarded by fanboys to be the canon’s episode VII, VIII and IX – Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command.
So what are they all about? Who are the major players? And who will play them? Continue reading

Cinema Code of Conduct

Posted in NEWS with tags , , on December 1, 2010 by Ross McD

Our good friend Wynter Tyson over at CinemaScream (or is that Cinema’s Cream?) made a good spot a couple of weeks ago: a new set of cinema laws laid down by film critic Mark Kermode and radio presenter Simon Mayo. Wynter also challenged the greater blogging community to add their own 11th rule, so without further ado: Continue reading

Ross v… TV!

Posted in NEWS with tags , , , , , , , , on June 2, 2010 by rossvross

Ross McD will present 3e Movie Club this summer! Continue reading

Ross v Ross nominated for two Lammys

Posted in NEWS with tags , on May 24, 2010 by rossvross

Yep, some bunch of idiots has nominated us for a couple of awards. What a bunch of idiots. Continue reading

Films You Didn’t Know You Needed To See

Posted in NEWS with tags , on February 22, 2010 by rossvross

Who says we Rosses aren’t a nice duo? We have just thrown in our two cents worth to contribute to the excellent movie blogging site, The List, run by our pal Kai B Parker. He rounded up a number of bloggers to help compile a rundown of movies you should watch but probably haven’t. It’s a pretty cool list and lives up to its title. Check it out by clicking HERE or the picture above. Continue reading


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